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Fighting Holiday Blues (click here)

Holiday Depression and Stress

Fighting Holiday Blues


Although the holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy, many people experience seasonal “blues.”  The holiday season is a time full of parties and family gatherings, but for many people it is a time of self-evaluation, loneliness, reflection on past failures, and anxiety about an uncertain future.

Holiday blues can be caused by many factors including increased stress and fatigue, unrealistic expectations, increased demand of shopping, parties, family reunions, etc.

Tips on Fighting the Holiday Blues

1.   Keep expectations for the holiday season manageable by not trying to make the holiday the best ever.

2.   Make a list and prioritize the most important activities.

3.   Do not spend too much time preparing for just one day (Christmas).

4.   Remember that the holiday season does not automatically banish reasons for feeling sad or lonely.

5.   Let go of the past, don’t be disappointed if your holidays are not like they used to be.

6.   Life brings change.

7.   Look toward the future.

If the holiday blues are severe enough to affect your functioning or relationships, do not hesitate to contact the resources available to you such as your mental health professionals.

Have a safe, happy, and prosperous holiday season.

Dr. Vijapura, Michelle, Nicki, Bonnie, Shreeda, Michelle, and Marty

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